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Outlander s5

Jamie and Claire fight to retain their home at Fraser's Ridge as the American Revolutionary War looms on the horizon. Brianna and Roger marry, and Governor Tryon further pushes Jamie to hunt down Murtagh, forcing Jamie to gather up a militia and counteract the Regulators. He struggles to balance keeping his godfather safe and fulfilling his duties to the British, especially under the eye of Lieutenant Knox, who is determined to find and kill Murtagh. Despite Murtagh's pleas for Jocasta to return his love for her, she moves forward with her fourth marriage, choosing the safety and security of her plantation's future over his idealism. Jamie's loyalties are pushed to the breaking point at the Battle of Alamance, when Roger's attempt to warn Murtagh fails, and Murtagh is shot dead. Roger is captured and mistakenly hanged by the British; he survives, but is left traumatized by the experience. Jamie is left devastated in the months following the battle.

FixFX provided specialist wig, beauty and clean up work throughout the show completing over 1600 shots for the show. 

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