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Outlander s6

The political unrest in the colonies begins to boil over and the Frasers (Jamie, Claire, Brianna, and Roger) try to peacefully live on their isolated homestead in the foothills of North Carolina. Jamie is suddenly faced with walking between the fires of loyalty to the oath he swore to the British Crown and following his hope for freedom in the new world. Trouble continues with the Browns as they form 'a committee of safety' that threatens the peace on the ridge dividing a wedge between the Native Americans, the British and the Frasers. In the meantime, the Christie family arrive on the Ridge, a throwback to Jamie's time in Ardsmuir Prison, and begin to influence the harmony on the Ridge. Malva Christie, the daughter of Tom Christie, takes a liking to Claire only to betray her in announcing her pregnancy with Jamie as the father. The season ends with a huge amount of unrest involving the Browns and the Christies as Jamie and Claire's grip on Fraser's Ridge becomes ever more fragile.

Working with the Outlander team has been a fantastic experience for everyone at FixFX. Over the years we have expanded the kind of work we do on the show from beauty work to clean up, matte painting, keying and on. 

This show in particular has helped develop the skills of the vfx workforce in Scotland and created dozens of jobs for new entrants to the industry. 

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