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"Tetris is a 2023 biographical thriller film directed by Jon S. Baird and written by Noah Pink. The film stars Taron EgertonNikita Efremov, Sofia Lebedeva, and Anthony Boyle. It’s based on true events around the race to license and patent the video game Tetris from Russia in the late 1980s during the Cold War.

Tetris premiered at the SXSW Film Festival on March 15, 2023, and was released on March 31, by Apple TV+. The film received generally positive reviews from critics"


FixFX supplied a variety of work including lidar scans and models, beauty work and set extensions. It's not our normal bag to do 3D work so it was fun to get our of comfort zone and get out on the set for few days. This was one of the few productions to shoot during lockdown, so it was a particularly tricky working environment. 

vfx outsource based in the UK

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